Where to Buy Passes

Chester Lane Market

2328 Chester Lane, 325-0739*


AKAL Market

329 Roberts Lane, 392-5477 RT 61



8001 White Lane, 835-1490
12581 Rosedale Hwy, 588-2799



Money Mart

2011 Union Avenue, 324-2284

Payday Cash

5400 Olive Drive, Suite B, 399-3097*


Total Mini Mart

1328 Niles, 325-0330


UPS Store

4450 California Avenue, Suite K,
325-9050* (Mervyn’s Plaza)
7850 White Lane, Suite E, 832-4025*
(Albertson’s Shopping Center)



*Denotes outlets that also sell Senior/Special Passes


Campus Locations:

Bakersfield Adult School – 501 S. Mt. Vernon Avenue, 835-1855
Bakersfield College Bookstore – 1801 Panorama Drive, 395-4506
Bakersfield High School – Finance Office, 324-9841
East High School – EB Enterprise Office, 871-7221
Ridgeview High School – Finance Office, 398-3100
San Joaquin Valley College – Front Desk, 834-0126
South High School – Finance Office, 831-3680
West High School – Finance Office, 832-2822

GET recommends that customers call pass outlets to learn what types of passes are currently available, and if checks are accepted for purchasing passes.

Flash Passes Must Be Punched First Time They Are Used

All GET Flash Passes must be punched by a coach operator the first time they are used in order to activate the pass. After the pass is punched once, no additional punches are required.