Join us to talk about how we can build better public transit for the future! Public input received about the proposed scenarios will inform a final recommended scenario. Route changes will be implemented incrementally rather than having an entire system redesign. GET will continue to receive comments prior to implementation any of the final recommended scenarios.

Project Summary

GET’s Build Better Transit Study is a review of existing services and how these services are functioning in the Bakersfield urbanized area. By conducting a route-by-route study of existing GET services, we are able to explore opportunities to increase ridership, enhance service efficiency and increase cost effectiveness.

There are seven ideas intended to enhance the network of GET services (fixed route and On Demand) at this stage of the study. These ideas are not final, and any future changes will require additional public hearings prior to implementation.


Over the past several years, our community has discussed, debated and studied possible service options that meet today’s mobility needs. GET has contracted IBI Group to evaluate our existing services and recommend changes that can be implemented in a 1- to 3-year period.

In 2019, GET introduced microtransit service in southwest Bakersfield. This new, curb-to-curb shuttle service allows riders to request customized trips within the zone. Since then, our version of rideshare service—now known as On-Demand Microtransit—has expanded into the Downtown core area and parts of east Bakersfield, such as Old Town Kern (OTK).

On the heels of public health crisis cause by COVID-19 which required us to quickly respond to the sharp decline in ridership with reduced service operations, GET recognizes that to improve our services all recovery efforts require community input.

GET, in partnership with IBI Group, wants to hear from the community directly. This includes riders that rely on our services every day, as well as people who may one day consider any of our services into their regular routine.

Potential Service Enhancements

The next phase of the Build Better Transit Study is to present potential service scenarios for consideration by the Bakersfield community.

During the first phase of the study, GET contracted IBI Group to conduct an operational analysis to closely evaluate existing services in order to recommend service improvements. Additionally, GET coordinated a variety of public engagement activities that collected input from the community about our services.

Months of work have culminated in a number of scenarios for restructuring portions of the existing transit services operated by the GET District. The scenarios for route restructuring are presented for the public to review and provide feedback.

North-South Express Idea:
Add two new stops to Route 81, improve time between bus arrivals, increase connection to other services]

Westside Restructuring Idea:
Improve west-side connections to Downtown, Swap Route 82 and Route 43 on Rosedale Hwy, Extend Route 47 to Downtown Transit Center via Truxtun Ave

Southside Restructuring Idea:
Reduce travel times south of Panama Ln via On-Demand, simplify network and increase access to North-South Express

On Demand Northwest Zone Idea:
Expand On-Demand into areas of Route 82 and 84, and reduce wait times in the area

On Demand Southwest Zone Idea:
Expand On-Demand Zone to replace Routes 62 and 83, and simplify route network

On Demand South Zone Idea:
Expand On-Demand Zone to replace Routes 62 and 83, increase access to North-South Express

On Demand Night Service Idea:
Test an Idea to provide weeknight service and connect to Route 21 in Northeast Bakersfield

As GET continues to move forward with building a better transit system we will look to you, our community, to help prioritize how a better experience, simpler network, and expanded service will designed and implemented. Together, we can build a system that serves everyone.