Customers are required to pay a cash fare or show a pass each time they board a bus.

Customers boarding more than two buses in one day will save money by using one of GET’s Day Passes. Regular Fare and Senior/Special Rider Day Passes are good for unlimited rides during one day.

(see below for details)

GET Fares

Golden Empire Transit District offers three fares: Regular Fare, Reduced Fare, and a Premium Express Fare Pass.

Regular Fares are good for all routes except express routes which have an X before the route number.

Reduced Fares are discounted fares for customers who meet any of the following criteria: seniors ages 65 and older, Medicare cardholders, and customers with disabilities. Customers must present one of the following forms of identification in order to pay a Reduced Fare: GET’s identification card, a Medicare card, or a California ID card as proof of age.

The Premium Express Fare Pass must be used on express routes which have an X before the route number. It is also good for all other routes. The Express Pass is sold in limited locations .

Children – Children 5 years old and younger ride free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger (maximum three children per passenger); customers 6 years and older pay regular fare.

Riders must have exact change. No pennies accepted in farebox.

Regular Fares

Single Ride $1.65*
Day Pass $3.55
31 Day Pass $45.00
15 Day Pass $30.00

*Single ride is only good for one bus and no transfer.

Reduced Fares*

Single Ride $.80
Day Pass $1.70**
Monthly Pass $22.00
15 Day Pass $13.75

*Please note: In order to use a Reduced Fare monthly pass, customers must obtain a GET issued Reduced Fare ID card. For additional information regarding Reduced Fare ID cards, please go to the Rider Info tab of the website and look under the Seniors and Reduced Fare section.

**The Day Pass allows unlimited rides for one day. A Day Pass is recommended for customers needing to board more than two buses in one day.

Premium Fares / X92 to Tejon Commercial Complex

Single Ride $4.00
Day Pass $8.00
Monthly Pass $60.00
Senior/Disabled Premium – same as regular fare

A Monthly Pass is good for unlimited rides during one calendar month. The Monthly Pass is great for frequent riders.

On-Demand Paratransit

One Trip $3.00
Ten Trip $30.00

A Single Ride Pass is only good for one On-Demand Paratransit ride. The Ten Ride Pass is a voucher booklet that contains ten tickets. Not valid for X92.