Customers are required to pay cash fare or show a pass each time they board a bus. Customers boarding more than two buses in one day will save money by using one of GET’s Day Passes. Regular Fare and Senior/Special Rider Day Passes are good for unlimited rides during one day.

(see below for details)

GET Fares

Golden Empire Transit District offers three fares: Regular fare, Reduced fare, and Premium Fare.

Regular Fares are good for all routes except express routes which have an X before the route number.

Reduced Fares are discounted fares for customers who meet the following requirements: seniors 65 and older, Medicare Cardholders, and customers with disabilities. GET’s identification card, a Medicare Card or a California ID Card as proof of age, are required in order to pay a reduced fare.

Premium Express Fare Passes must be used on express routes which have an X before the route number. Express passes are also good for all other routes. Express Passes are sold in limited locations.

GET also offers a Summer Youth Pass and GET-A-LIFT Pass. For more information about our passes and programs, please call 661-869-2GET (2438).

Children – Children 5 years old and younger ride free when accompanied by a fare paying passenger (maximum three children per passenger); customers 6 years and older pay regular fare.

Have exact change. No pennies accepted in farebox.

Regular Fares

Single Ride $1.55*
Day Pass $3.30
31 Day Pass $42.00
15 Day Pass $27.00

*Single ride is only good for one bus and no transfer.

Reduced Fares*

Single Ride $.80
Day Pass $1.70**
Monthly Pass $21.00
15 Day Pass $13.00
Summer Youth Pass $20.00

*Please note: in order to use a reduced fare monthly pass customers must obtain a GET issued Reduced Fare ID card. For additional information regarding Reduced Fare ID cards go to the Rider Info tab of website under section Seniors and Reduced Fare.

**The Day Pass is good for unlimited rides during one day. A Day Pass is recommended for customers needing to board more than two buses in one day.

Download Reduced Fare Application (pdf) HERE!

Premium Fares / X92 to Tejon Commercial Complex

Single Ride $3.50
Day Pass $7.00
Monthly Pass $57.00
Senior/Disabled Premium – same as regular fare

Monthly pass is good for unlimited rides during one calendar month. Great for frequent riders.


One Trip $3.00
Ten Trip $30.00

A single ride pass is only good for one GET-A-Lift ride. The 10 ride pass is a voucher booklet that contains 10 tickets. Not valid for X92.

Bulk Order

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