GET Receives Grant for Low or No Emission Buses

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Janet Sanders
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June 28, 2021

GET Receives Grant for Low or No Emission Buses

Bakersfield, CA — Golden Empire Transit received the Competitive FY2021 Low or No Emission Bus Grant. The project title; Golden Empire Transit District Hydrogen Fueling Station in Support of Zero-Emission Buses. The hydrogen fueling station will support GET’s plan to have a fleet of 12 fuel cell electric buses by 2023.

GET received $3,048,000 in federal funds to assist in the construction of a hydrogen fueling facility. The facility will use liquid hydrogen as its source which is based on a modular design. This provides scalability, allowing for future expansion as GET moves forward acquiring its fuel cell electric bus (FCEB) fleet to meet 2030 zero emission transition goals and complete conversion by 2040 under the Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation in California. The deployment of FCEBs is the first step in GET’s strategy to comply with the State of California’s ICT Regulation, which requires all public transit agencies to gradually transition to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet by 2040.

“GET is thrilled to be awarded this grant. It is one step closer to a cleaner transit future at GET,” said Karen King, CEO of GET. The Board approved the purchase of five (5) 40-foot Hydrogen Fueled Cell Buses using Federal funding. The new buses will replace the 2009 CNG buses that are nearing the end of their useful service life as defined by the FTA.

GET was formed in July 1973 and is the primary public transportation provider for the Bakersfield Urbanized Area. It is the largest public transit system within a 110-mile radius. The District’s legal boundary includes Bakersfield city limits as well as adjacent unincorporated areas. GET has a fleet of 88 compressed natural gas buses equipped with wheelchair lifts and bike racks. GET serves 16 routes, operating 7 days a week and transporting more than 6 million passengers each year with its fixed-route buses. In addition, GET operates 25 compressed natural gas GET-A-Lift buses and 15 microtransit On-Demand and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT). For more information, visit or call 869.2GET (2438).

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