Golden Empire Transit District is currently searching for a Technical Writer with proven experience in writing and editing safety, technical and/or mechanical information. This position will be responsible for preparing, reviewing, revising, and maintaining technical documents during the contract period. Please contact Victor Honorato at for information on the position.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research, develop, and update technical documents relate to transit bus operations. Safety and maintenance, including general orders, standard operating procedures, policy and instruction procedures and manuals, work instructions, and technical/safety protocols and best practices
  • Gather and discern information from sources including publications and interact frequently with subject matter experts on security issues
  • Review and edit written materials by others and ensure document uniformity and consistency across the client’s portfolio. * Arrange for typing, duplication, and distribution of documents * Ensure that documents are complete, understandable, and accurately represent the appropriate visual presentation of data * Identify and implement records, document procedures, and processes * Continuously ensure that documents are updated, streamlined, maintained, and archived appropriately
  • Prepare reports and memos in response to internal and external group findings and recommendations
  • Provide management with the evidence and data to aid in strategic planning decisions related to security issues * Maintain computer records, including historical data, for all documentation prepared * Ensure accurate version control and audit trail *
  • Ability to communicate effectively to people at all levels of the organization, both orally and in writing *
  • Ability to stay abreast of innovative technologies including CNG, hydrogen and electric fueling, as well as security and software/hardware intrusion.
  • Ability to expertly use MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint * Ability to follow verbal directions and produce documentation in a quick turn-around environment. * Ability to work with cross-functional teams. * Maintain excellence in document and presentation materials.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience in strong analytical and writing skills including solid experience writing and analyzing documentation for multiple audiences.
  • Four (4) years of experience in the preparation and writing of technical documents that describe processes, policies, procedures, regulations, and statutes 

Knowledge of and Ability to:

  • Create infographics such as diagrams, screenshots, charts, workflows, and graphics that increase users’ understanding.
  • Experience working with technical and nontechnical team members and stakeholders at different levels in the IT field.
  • Have intermediate to advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge and skillset in maintenance procedures, technologies, and techniques preferred
  • Knowledge of research techniques, policy practices, and vehicle maintenance in general. 

Training and Location

  • 2 weeks training in bus operations, maintenance and safety (In person).
  • First 2 weeks in person, then must be in person at least one week per month.
  • Should be available from approximately 8am-5pm Pacific Time

Contract Period

  • Beginning on or about 5-16-2022.
  • 1 year contract with option to extend up to two (2) additional 6 month periods.
  • All travel is at your expense. Include this in your bid.
  • Golden Empire Transit District will be responsible for the printing of all final documents and distribution to employees.