There are many reasons to use GET buses for transportation!

Riding the bus just once a week helps clean our air

GET buses are fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG). CNG is a fossil fuel substitute, which is environmentally cleaner than gasoline, diesel and propane. Riding the GET bus once a week will make a difference!

Buses are safer than cars

Taking the bus increases your chances of arriving at your destination safely. Studies report that riding the bus is safer than driving or riding in a car. Due to the size of a transit bus, it is one of the safest vehicles on the road.

Riding the bus means no parking spaces

Going shopping? Tired of fighting for a parking spot? Take the GET bus to the Valley Plaza Mall, East Hills Mall, Northwest Promenade, Market Place, Mercado Latino or Stockdale Village. GET serves the Bakersfield metropolitan area with 16 routes and one express route to Tejon Industrial Park. If the web site does not answer all your questions, call 661-869-2GET (2438) for routing information.

Using public transportation reduces stress

Sit back and relax! Read a book, listen to music, or talk to other passengers and leave the driving to someone else! You’ll have less stress, which will decrease your risk for future health problems.

Walking to and from the bus stop can make a difference to your health

Research shows that people who use public transportation are healthier than people who don’t, because walking to and from bus stops is a regular part of their daily exercise.

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