Start by finding your destination on the map

Next, find the starting point where you will board the bus.

Decide which route or routes you need to take.

Some trips require more than one bus, which means you will need to transfer from one bus to another. If you will need to transfer, find the intersection of the two routes. This is where you will exit the first bus and board the second.

Check the schedule to determine what time you need to arrive at your bus stop. The buses travel through the schedule from left to right.

Choose the timetable section that refers to the direction you will be traveling, for example Route 21- eastbound Bakersfield College.

The timetable shows when the bus arrives at timepoints along the route. Timepoints are bus stops at major intersections listed on the timetable.

Bus departure times are listed below each timepoint. For bus stops located between timepoints, use the departure time before your bus stop. Note: departure times highlighted in the timetable do not run on weekends.

Watch for special notes that sometimes appear on the bottom of the schedule. Hint: they are usually marked with an asterisk (*).

You can also use the Trip Planner tool on the home page of the website.