All customers using a Senior/Reduced Fare discounted pass or paying a discounted cash fare are asked to show proper identification each time they board a bus. Customers 65 and older and customers with a certified disability are eligible for discounted fares. Any of the following items will be accepted as proof of age or disability: a valid GET Senior ID card, California DMV ID card, Medicare Card, or GET Reduced Fare ID card. Call 661-324-9874 to learn more about obtaining a GET Senior or Special Rider ID card.

Download Reduced Fare Application (PDF)

Customers who do not have appropriate documentation verifying age or qualifying disability will be required to have their physician complete the Reduced Fare Application as verification of their disability. Please note: customers who purchase the Reduced Fare Monthly Pass must complete the Reduced Fare application, and bring the application to the GET administration office along with appropriate identification and/or documentation verifying age or qualifying disability. Customers will then receive a photo identification card. Customers purchasing the Reduced Monthly Fare Pass will then affix the monthly pass, sticker, to their card. Obtaining the Reduced Fare identification card helps most customers: it keeps most customers from having to present one and sometimes two cards when boarding the bus. Reduced Fare card, Reduced Fare Monthly Pass…just one card!