Detours – F st & Golden State Rd:

Routes affected: 42 Detour Description: 42 Westchester R- Golden State Rd to Garces Circle R- 30th Street L- F Street Back on route

Detours – Oak & California Ave:

Routes affected: 21 Routes affected: 21 Detour Description: 21 Eastbound L- Oak St R- Truxtun Ave R- Chester Ave L- California Ave Down to one lane due to construction. Operators are to make courtesy stops while on detour as requested.

Detours – 45 Oildale at Beale – Monterey:

Routes affected: 45 Detour Description: The stop on Beale southbound at Monterey is out of service due to construction. The stop has been removed. Please use an alternate stop.

Olive and Airport 61 and 45 Decatur and Airport:

Routes affected: 45; 61 Detour Description: Construction on corner of Airport and Olive route 61 can\'t make right on to Olive dr onto Airport and 45 can\'t make left on to Airport from Decatur 61 east on Decatur right on Sequoia left on Roberts lane back on route 45 Left on Sequioa right on Roberts lane left on Airport dr back on route​