Sometimes riding the bus can be boring for children, but not on the GET bus! Most GET buses offer The Reading Express. The Reading Express is an on-board library geared for children from infants to 3rd grade.

Currently all new buses have been stocked with a selection of children’s books for kids to read while commuting with their parents. As buses are added to the fleet, they too will be stocked with books. GET’s older buses are not configured with an appropriate space for the book rack.


The Reading Express has many benefits. It exposes kids to books and the world of literacy. The program also offers busy parents an opportunity to interact positively with their children during their daily commute. And, above all, this program gives children who may not have books in the home easy access to them while going about their everyday routine.

To ensure an abundant supply of books, GET is always seeking organizations in the community interested in partnering for book drives.