How to Ride When Using a Wheelchair

All GET buses are accessible. Customers can use the wheelchair lift/ramp at most GET bus stops.


In the event a bus stop is inaccessible, blocked by a vehicle, under construction, etc. GET drivers can board passengers in wheelchairs at the nearest accessible location. This may be a few feet before or after the bus stop. This accommodation is considered a Reasonable Modification under the Americans with Disabilities Act. A driver can provide this accommodation as the most reasonable option and/or a passenger in a wheelchair can request it. (See Reasonable Modification for more information.)

Each bus has two wheelchair seating areas. If they are occupied, the driver will stop and let passengers know to catch the next bus.

To ensure safe use of the lifts, we recommend that passengers in wheelchairs board the lift facing backwards. Once inside the bus, passengers should position themselves at one of the locations designated for wheelchair use. The driver will ask you to set your brakes.

To ensure your safety during the trip, all wheelchairs must be secured.

About two blocks before a desired destination, passengers should ring the “Stop Requested” bell once, by pressing on the black strip along the window.

Do Wheelchairs Have the Right to Board First?

Passengers in wheelchairs do not have priority, but Golden Empire Transit District encourages passengers to allow our customers in wheelchairs to board the bus first. It is easier to board the passenger in the wheelchair first to secure him or her in the seating area. This action takes all of the Operator’s focus to ensure the passenger’s safety.

Once the operator has completed the four point tie-down on the wheelchair, the operator will then return to the driver’s seat to monitor the farebox.

Will All Sizes of Wheelchairs Fit on the Bus?

Not all wheelchairs and mobility aids will fit on a bus. While the accessibility standards for buses are designed to accommodate the majority of power and manual wheelchairs and mobility aids, there will be some that are too large or heavy to fit.

GET buses will carry a wheelchair and occupant if the lift and the vehicle can physically accommodate them, can be boarded and de-boarded safely, and do not block the aisles, unless doing so is inconsistent with legitimate safety requirements.

How to Ride When Using a Three Wheel Scooter

Passengers who ride a three wheeled scooter are encouraged to transfer to a seat to ensure a safe ride. The driver will then secure the scooter for safety during the trip.