On January 1, 2023 – GET will be increasing some fare rates for Fixed Route bus service and On-Demand Microtransit services.  The base price for a fixed route single ride will remain unchanged. Please see the chart below for fare changes.


In July 2022 GET took over service of CTSA’s microtransit from North of the River, and that new service was branded On-Demand Assist.  On-Demand Assist will be rebranding their service for low-income seniors 60+ to On-Demand Microtransit Reduced Fare. The service is open to anyone aged 60+ who meets the income eligibility requirements. See the above chart for mileage rates.

If you are a current Assist member, you must fill out an application to either qualify for Paratransit or Reduced Fare; this will not be done automatically. If you qualify for Paratransit, please apply for Paratransit by clicking here.  If you are over 60+ and low income, please apply via application by clicking here.


Starting January 1st, 2023 On-Demand’s Microtransit service will be city wide.  The service will match 2022’s Paratransit service and will be available for more residents in Bakersfield.  To reflect the expanded boundary, GET will add 2 new mileage rates for 10-12 mile trips, and 12+ mile trips. This boundary will be effective for all On-Demand services (On-Demand Microtransit, On-Demand Paratransit, and On-Demand Reduced Fare).  See the map below for the new area.